ATG preview

In about a week one of the best festivals for Math-rock, Post-rock, Noise-rock, Alt-rock and everything in between is going to happen: ArcTanGent. And I wish I could be there (still in recovery though). However, I’m happy to see the names of many of the artists I got to work with through CHAOS THEORY play […]

Experimental jazz rock madness

News! I’ve spent the majority of last week recording and mixing the new Leaf Kickers album at Castle Studios Röhrsdorf and it turned out great. Their music is unlike anything you’ve heard before, a fantastic weird mixture of free jazz and math-rock. Coming out on vinyl and tape soon! The latest mouse on the keys […]


I’ve been mixing a lot over the last two weeks and had the pleasure of having the mighty Mutiny on the Bounty as well as the fantastic mouse on the keys under my faders. Videos are wonderfully done by RIFF.Underground and were recorded for me by my friend Drew from the awesome Tacoma Narrows Bridge […]

Piano album recordings

At the beginning of this week I’ve had the pleasure of recording grand piano with Yiannis Brauweiler for his instrumental album, at one of my favourite studios – Castle Röhrsdorf. Great session and we got lots done, even a quick overdub for his band EYLA, which was another groovy surprise. Make sure to check them […]

Album production in France

Time for a new round of updates! About a week ago I came back from two weeks in France, producing and engineering the new album of the awesome French prog-alternative-rock band LizZard. We’ve had a great time and did a lot of crazy stuff including recording water tanks + thunder, 5 layered solo guitars and […]

Update round

For the last few weeks I’ve been in Dresden, Germany and had e.g. a great session recording the new Plain Ocean EP. The Castle in Röhrsdorf feels like a home already and I’ll hopefully be back very soon! Thanks guys! The School of Rock-a-bye Babies album I recorded and mastered for the musical genius EA […]


As I’m mostly mixing at the moment there aren’t a lot of wild session pics to post (hence one of my mixing setup). However, the projects are very nice, so good music should be coming your way soon. For example, I’ve mixed a song on Samuel Ford’s fantastic new EP and am very proud to […]

Musical update round

I’ve been fairly busy prepping the James Broughton Music album for mixing (cleaning things up, checking and trying a few different mix chain settings so I won’t have to do that once I actually mix). I’ve also had a great weekend with the School of Rock-a-bye Babies gang at the beautiful The Church Studios here […]


Two years ago, almost to the day, this picture was taken during one of the James Broughton Music tracking sessions at Chapel Studios. Last night we finished the remaining edits so that I can start mixing. It’s going to be an incredible album and I’m very proud of how it turned out, certainly one of […]

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