In about a week one of the best festivals for Math-rock, Post-rock, Noise-rock, Alt-rock and everything in between is going to happen: ArcTanGent. And I wish I could be there (still in recovery though). However, I’m happy to see the names of many of the artists I got to work with through CHAOS THEORY play there: OHHMS, Shitwife (Big Lad), Boss Keloid, Death Pedals, Alpha Male Tea Party, Waking Aida and worriedaboutsatan, who even used my video to promote their awesome music. Nice one and I hope everyone going has a great time!

Speaking of Chaos Theory, I’ve finally managed to catch up with most of the gig recordings, and a few new ones with the awesome Prisa Mata and the fantastic Sergeant Thunderhoof already came out, with Space Witch and the Jazz Market bands Warren Schoenbright, Big Lad and MoRkObOt to be released soon as well (which are all great too). What’s released so far you can find here:

Also, the Leaf Kickers album I’ve recorded and mixed a couple of weeks ago is now in the pressing plant…vinyl! You can already check it out here though:

Leaf kickers on BandCamp

So far, back to mixing, thanks for reading!