I’ve been fairly busy prepping the James Broughton Music album for mixing (cleaning things up, checking and trying a few different mix chain settings so I won’t have to do that once I actually mix). I’ve also had a great weekend with the School of Rock-a-bye Babies gang at the beautiful The Church Studios here in London where the next album is coming together nicely. I’ve just started mastering the one we recorded at the end of last year and it’s brilliant, can’t wait for people to hear it. So much fun, so much creativity…love it! The fantastic Avatar have just released a music video for ‘New Land’ from the album Feathers & Flesh I’ve recorded with producer Sylvia Massy – Recording Unhinged at the end of 2015 and it’s amazing. Check it out, I’ll post a link in the comments. My friend Mattia from Vintage Productions has also released a short teaser video from the recording we did of ViolinBiscuit // Natalia Wierzbicka‘s project in December, link will be in the comments too. The wild jazz CHAOS THEORY videos with A Sweet Niche and Nøught I mentioned the last time are out as well, I’ll copy the link in the comments too.

Over and out for now, thanks for reading!