For the last few weeks I’ve been in Dresden, Germany and had e.g. a great session recording the new Plain Ocean EP. The Castle in Röhrsdorf feels like a home already and I’ll hopefully be back very soon! Thanks guys!

The School of Rock-a-bye Babies album I recorded and mastered for the musical genius EA Haydn-Jones at the end of last year came out this week and it’s absolutely brilliant, you should check it out and then buy it here:

It’s all funded with a Kickstarter campaign and has some amazing musicians playing on it: Pablo Tato, Jason Silver, Veronica Royet Chacon, Charlie Limm, Chris Vatalaro (not FB) and Tom Mason (not FB) and was mixed by my friend Ran Steiner.

There’s also a teaser video out for the Kat May song I mixed & mastered a couple of weeks ago. Katia Mayen did a great job as usual and so did Ivelina Nicolaeva Dusheva + husband, and also Alina Hiltunen. Check it out on Lucy Mazel’s channel here:

Also, I mixed another song for one of my favourite rap artists Hyphen, videos for previous songs in the making and hopefully out soon.
Of course, there have been new CHAOS THEORY gigs and with brilliant stuff by e.g. Chris Sharkey’s Survival Skills, Zeitgeist UK, Flies are Spies from Hell, A-Sun Amissa, Telepathy and soon Only Echoes Remain + Wren. Have a look here for what’s out so far:

And last but not least, the James Broughton Music album is taking shape. James and I spent some time here on the first mixes and it’s already sounding really really good…halfway there I’d say. Can’t wait for that to come out.

More soon, thanks for reading and, of course, if you’re interested in recording and mixing with me, want me to produce your record etc…hit me up. #itravel