Time for a new round of updates! About a week ago I came back from two weeks in France, producing and engineering the new album of the awesome French prog-alternative-rock band LizZard. We’ve had a great time and did a lot of crazy stuff including recording water tanks + thunder, 5 layered solo guitars and three drum kits at the same time. The album will now be mixed by Sylvia Massy (SOAD, Prince, Rick Rubin, Johnny Cash etc etc etc) who, being executive producer, will make this fantastic record even more wild. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Total contrast?! Mixed and mastered this beauty not too long ago. Amazing job by Kat May and Lucy Mazel:


Also very beautiful is this new music video for ‘Daughter’ by CousCous, that I’ve recorded, mixed and co-produced (mastered by Online Mixing):

Last but not least, Avatar won at the ‘Breakthrough’ category at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. That’s huge and well deserved. If you haven’t seen them live, you must. They have also relaunched the latest album Feathers & Flesh as 2CD dual jewel case as well as digital album. Go and check it out if you haven’t, might give you an idea of how awesome they are. We had a great time recording it.


Thanks for reading, more updates soon!