Final 2017 post – in 2018!

Last year may have been tricky on a personal level due to my knee surgery but I’m surprised how many great things happened on the musical side nonetheless. Here are a few of the memories put into one big 2017 pic, including my trip to L.A. at the beginning of the year, recording (the) Melvins […]

Melvins + MWTM

In January, I’ve had the opportunity to engineer The Melvins for producer Sylvia Massy and her fantastic educational video series for Mix With The Masters at Village Studios in L.A.. It’s now online and there’s a little teaser video for it. Apparently, I’m somewhere in the full thing as well but haven’t watched it yet. […]

Almost done for this year!

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve spent almost a month with James Broughton Music at Shaken Oak Studios near Oxford and mixed the album we’ve been making for the last few years (step by step, not continuously) and it’s sounding really really good. Everyone at the studio has been super nice and the place […]

I’m a little behind with updates

….but a lot has happened over the last few weeks. For example, I’ve had the pleasure of spending two weeks with the lovely Pulsar Trio + Arno recording their fantastic new album at Künstlerkommunität Schloss Röhrsdorf. They make a really awesome mix of jazz, world, trip-hop, dnb + classical music combined with signs of madness on […]

Last week I got little sleep

…due to last-minute adventures such as getting Alice Roger‘s new single mixed before the video release on Saturday, the CHAOS THEORY Whispers & Hurricanes videos with Fear of the Forest (dulcimer, hurdy gurdy and frame drums!), the lovely Hazel Iris and old friend Yvonne McDonnell out at the beginning of the week and, of course, the LizZard single at […]


LizZard released the first single of the album ‘Shift’ we’ve just finished. Produced, recorded and mixed by yours truly. It’s a really fantastic album and I can highly recommend it if you like rock, prog, heavy and melodic music. Very prod of what we’ve achieved with this record! Recorded at Studio-Berduquet (Serge Deuerling) Assistant Cédric […]

We Need You!

My friends from LizZard, the band I recorded in June in France, has two songs in a voting that might get them into a video game. Please follow this link and simply Facebook like the two songs, that’s all. Thanks!

Bonjour – time for updates!

I’ve spent most of last week with the lovely LizZard gang in France, finalising the mixes of their album ‘Shift’ that I’ve had the pleasure of producing & engineering in June. It’s come out really well and we are all very proud of what we have achieved. Not only are the songs awesome, it also sounds […]

It’s been a while

…and I thought a quick update is due. A couple of weeks ago, I’ve had the pleasure of spending a few days in the studio with producer Sylvia Massy again, recording the awesome band Frühstück with her and Arno, my friend Jacek and many other lovely people atKünstlerkommunität Schloss Röhrsdorf. We also spent some time […]

Rocking and rolling

Had a fantastic week so far finishing a few mixes and recording Australian’s future rock stars Rosemont – Band with Arno at the Castle yesterday. They are playing gigs around Europe at the moment and you should catch them: great energy, great songs and super nice guys. Made me shake my head quite a bit.

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