…and I thought a quick update is due. A couple of weeks ago, I’ve had the pleasure of spending a few days in the studio with producer Sylvia Massy again, recording the awesome band Frühstück with her and Arno, my friend Jacek and many other lovely people atKünstlerkommunität Schloss Röhrsdorf. We also spent some time at AIR Studios in London and I look forward to our next adventure recording, lighting up pickles, burning bacon and melting cheese whilst tracking. Yummy.

Also, for the last few weeks I’ve mostly been mixing and started e.g. on theLizZard album and did a few more CHAOS THEORY videos including P S O T Y, Treasure Of Woe and Jack Nash (link in comment). I’ve also recorded another Whispers & Hurricanes event yesterday, should all be out soon. More updates to follow. Thanks for reading and thanks again to my friend Jacek for the picture!