Last year I’ve recorded around 60 artists at CHAOS THEORY events and made over 50 videos for them. Here are the 10 most viewed CT videos of 2014:

1. kamchatka:
2. Jarboe and P. Emerson Williams:
3. Polymath:
4. Patchwork Natives:
6. Invocation:
7. Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster:
8. Waking Aida:
9. Jo Quail:
10. Jo Quail:

And since Jarboe was technically from 2013 – Sonic Mass made the list too:

Many thanks to all fans and supporters of these artists (so many different genres!). Also, many thanks to Chaos Theory for trusting me as well as thanks to all the amazing artist I got to work with. You can find all videos and more here:

P.S.: When the videos were uploaded somehow doesn’t correlate to the amount of views. Some from late 2014 have more than some from the beginning. Up to fans and artists to share I suppose.