Even though it may seem quiet we have been super busy and almost finished building our next studio. Hooray! It’s coming along nicely and will be great for mixing, vocal & guitar recording, production etc. It’s also located in Park Royal / North Acton / Harlesden and we think it’s only gonna take a week until we are ready to open. We will also be able to record drums properly, we just need to finish a few things over the next few weeks and will let you know. Hit us up if you know a good Rock Band and we will give you a great ‘check it out’ price.
On another note, we did a few very interesting recordings as for example a cypher with about 20 rappers…crazy. There is also the new Casper & The Howling album on the horizon and last but not least all the new Harlequin songs which are already on the way. Looking forward to a very musical autumn 2011.