Last night, after a last long mixing day, we finally completed the new Dark Suns album at Castle Studios in Röhrsdorf. I can proudly say that it has been an honour to be the mixing engineer of this record, for several reasons. First of all, the guys are super nice and I am happy to now also count them among my friends. We had a lot of fun (and cookies!) and I couldn’t have wished for a better time. Secondly…the album is freaking amazing. Of course, I always love what I do and might be slightly biased but even looking from the outside I can tell their progress from the last albums to this one and how good the songs are. Last but not least, not only is the music great, I also think I’ve done some of my nicest mixes on this album and can’t wait to hear the finished and mastered CD. We’re now looking into a few mastering options and in a few months time, after video shoots, pressing etc, we should have a release date ready for spring this year and will let you know once I know.