When I’m recording for a producer or artist where somebody else will mix afterwards; I’m usually a little bit more conservative with settings on compression or EQ. Of course, it has to and will sound great but I’d like to give them a few options in case they want to compress it more afterwards or EQ it more drastically according to their ideas and the mix. That was the case with the guys from TwoSixOnes who are producing their music themselves. On the other hand, if it’s me recording, mixing and producing for an artist, I’m not shy when it comes to processing on the way into Pro Tools, Samplitude or whatever. If I know what I want to hear and can achieve that with great mics and outboard gear I will definitely do that (before it goes digital into a computer). It will not only speed up the mixing process, it also saves CPU (not that it was needed) as I don’t need as many plugins and therefore lead to even better results.