Busy, busy, busy and computer updates

Busy, busy, busy and computer updates

We heard from Kaleem that the song ‘It’ll get better’ has also been played on BBC1 – nice. The IAH church recording of Wild One is pretty much done too, we are just waiting for the final video edit in order to tweak and automate a few things according to the visuals. We also did a few more acoustic sessions for Link Up TV which should be out soon – very good artists. We will post them soon.
Furthermore, we started installing Bootcamp and Win 7 plus the lastest Samplitude Pro X on one of our Macs. It’s running very smooth so far and will give us the option to record, mix and master in Samplitude in the production/mix studio as well. It will probably take a few days to finish though since we didn’t want to shut the studio for that. Will keep you posted. We’re still good to for normal sessions, everything running as usual.

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