Back in London

Back in London

…after a (kind of) week off in Germany. I mostly went for the record launch gig of the CousCous album ‘Tales’ that I’ve recorded, mixed and co-produced over the last 10-11 months. Official release date will be 6th May and here’s a sneak peek…

This is how the finished book with CD looks…absolutely beautiful! 150 pages with drawings done by the fabulous Anemone Kloos. If you wanna treat yourself you better hurry up in trying to get one of them. This first print was done on a special paper, with hardcover, a round book spine, with bookmarks and all the other extras you’d hope for. And there’s only a limited amount of them, of which many went to the supporters for the crowd-funding campaign already. So hurry up and get in touch with the guys! Of course, the music sounds great too, so you can also listen to something whilst reading. Just saying.

Here we go!Avatar on No.1!

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