Yesterday afternoon, I finished 3 weeks of recording with this crazy bunch…Swedish metal band Avatar and producer Sylvia Massy. It’s been an amazing time and I’m very proud to be a part of their new album. Not only are they incredible musicians with fantastic songs, they are also some of nicest and kindest people you can think off. As you can tell from the picture we had a lot of fun and working with Sylvia has been amazing again. If you don’t know a lot about recording…look her up. If you do – it’s all true! Most importantly, music and the band always come first and, of course, we also did some crazy recording techniques again. Needless to say is that I’ve learned a few things (new projects be warned!). Due to the band’s social media campaign I won’t be sharing too many details but if you look at their or my Instagram feed you can find a few session impressions (links below). Sylvia and the singer Johannes are currently recording vocals in Finland and, in a few weeks time, all extra overdubs should be done also. It’s seriously the most diverse metal album I’ve ever heard with the perfect mixture of melody, riffs, rhythm, solos and, of course, lyrics with a lot of thought behind them (can’t spill the beans yet). For now I can only say that I’m super excited and can’t wait to listen to the finished thing!