Next February marks 5 Years Of CHAOS THEORY, of which I’ve been a part for two years now, but have been going to the gigs for almost four. And it’s been by far the best underground/alternative music gigs I’ve attended.

All gigs are put on with a lot of love for music and artists we actually like, prepared with a lot of care before, on as well as past the event day. It’s not music you’d necessarily hear on radio or in the charts but very diverse and interesting music you can easily fall in love with – if you are open minded. Chaos Theory puts on very different nights, from a monthly rock night to jazz concerts, from experimental electronic stuff to acoustic weirdness, as well as a lot of ‘one of’ special events for big ‘underground’ artists.

In order to celebrate the birthday we’ve got a special February coming up. We want to thank the people who helped build it – the fans and music lovers – you! This week you have a chance to get early and some limited surprise discount tickets – before full-price tickets and bands are announced! Sounds a bit crazy but the Chaos Theory reputation is good and people trust us.

So here’s the question: how much do >you< trust us? Maybe the location gives you a hint of who the artists might be. I can promise so much - it's going to be great. Get early tickets and save some money.