LizZard – Shift (album – prod/mix/rec)

Album (rec, mix, prod)

LizZard - Shift (album production, mix and recording)

In 2017 I’ve had the pleasure of flying to France to produce and engineer the latest album of French prog-rock band LizZard. It’s a trio that really knows how to write great songs and I’ve tried not only capturing those but enhancing them with my production skills. We went to the beautiful Studio Berduquet near Bordeaux where it was all recorded with a lot of analog gear in 10 days and mixed later in London, Dresden and near Limoges. It hit no1 at the French Deezer New Rock Music section and the reviews in Rockhard, and Metal-Heads have been great so far.

Shift was released on Rocker Records, Metallville and is with Rough Trade Distribution on 23rd February 2018.

First single: Singularity

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