Ginkgo Music – Project: Ecuador (album – mix)

Album (mix)

Ginkgo Music (album mix)

A few years ago I’ve had the pleasure of mixing this unique album. Besides a Grammy winning artist (Dobet Gnahore), an Oscar winning artists (Jorge Drexler) and a UK number 1 artist (Kate Walsh), it has several well known and fantastic musicians (David McAlmont, Devon Sproule + BJ Cole, Zarif + The Nextmen) playing versions of one of their songs in a unique way…pure and acoustic, often recorded in unusual spaces. The money made from this album goes towards the rain forest in Ecuador, which has a unique flora and fauna that needs preservations, and, therefore, I’m even more proud to have been part of this project. The album is meant to be released soon and has a fantastic booklet with lots of pictures in it. Also, the CD also contains on-location recordings from the rain forest. Monkey sounds included!

Ginkgo Music creates projects linking music & ecology to halt deforestation worldwide.


To halt deforestation and protect the biodiversity of ancient forest habitats forever, involving musicians and ecologists in a global team raising money and public understanding.

Company Overview

Ginkgo Music is a not-for-profit organisation set up by a group of people from various backgrounds, including biology, music, art and design, sport, charity and business. We share a passion: the extraordinary and colourful range of life inhabiting this planet.

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