Big news!!

I’m very proud to announce that, with the new release of ProX3, I’m now an official MAGIX Samplitude artist. I’ve been using Samplitude since I started recording and mixing about 15 years ago and never made a secret out of how much I like it. In my opinion it is not only great sounding and […]

Studio update

I spent the last week with my bro Ran mixing the upcoming Cackle EP and it’s almost there. I’ll need one or two more days for some details and then it can go out for a first listen soon. Apart from that I’ve been mixing lots of the gigs I’ve recorded for Chaos Theory lately. […]

Solo time

Had a great session with Gus Robertson from the mighty Razorlight as well as Rotten Hill Gang for the upcoming James Broughton album at the end of last week. Guitar solos for the biggest song on the album + we are now one tracking session done from finishing. Sounding great!

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