Sylvia Massy, Producer (2017)
“Wow, what a great session. Thank you soooo much for kicking ass again, I cannot imagine having done it without you, you are an amazing engineer! Can’t wait to do something else with you in the future.”
CousCous - album Tales, 3x Winner of the Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis 2016 awards
“A huge THANK YOU to the best audio engineer in the world. ‪Tales‬ would not be the same without you.”
Dark Suns (2016)
Interview at Lords of Metal: “The sound of the record is ace, but that must have been quite expensive… Please tell us a bit about your time over there? ‘Peter came into play for the mix in London, but we cooperated with him before, during the whole recording process. It was an awesome and intensive time with him. Peter is a working animal and we never met such a dedicated and competent engineer. We spent about fourteen hours in the studio with him every day. There was no person previously that showed us our power limit. In addition to that he is a great person at all. We are quite sure to eat cookies with him in the future again (running gag in the studio). We are very thankful for everything he gave us in the important final period of a one year lasting process.’”
Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones, School of Rock-a-bye Babies (2016)
“Thanks for being totally pro, totally unflappable, totally calm, and totally tolerant of our madness! It’s been an absolute blast.”
Jo Quail, Electric Cello Superstar (2016)
“Thank you again for all your hard work, and your calm professional manner. You’ve made some very special videos and recordings, and throughout you’ve been an utter pleasure to work with.”
I am Harlequin, Winner of VPME Awards 2012
“I’ve been working with Peter for over two years now and love the quality of the work. He’s very easy to work with, understands what I’m looking for and brings out the best in each of my tracks. I have no option but to highly recommend him.”
Patrick Alcide, LiveBase Management (2013)
“It sounds awesome as it is, Kaleem is very happy with it and didn’t want to make any changes. …we’re definitely ready for radio now.”
Aurora J Young, Winner of TPM Awards 2011
“Peter is a joy to work with! He is professional, enthusiastic and strives for great results. His technique for making you feel at ease is welcome and made me feel comfortable straight away… I would highly recommend Peter to anyone making music.”
Mauro Zarattini, Brother of Mars (2015)
“Peter loves music and loves what he’s doing – and that will reflect your final product. Hard worker and very committed while being extremely friendly and easy going all the time, no matter if you’re looking for a modern production, a vintage sounding record with lots of analogue gear or even both…Peter ticks all the boxes, highly recommended!”
Kunal Singhal, Chaos Theory (2014)
“Peter is not only a joy to work with, but also couples a keen understanding of what musicians and event organisers of all genres require with an almost superhuman level of attention to detail. His vast experience shines through with the broad range of events that I’ve thrown at him and his results are impeccable. A true professional through and through.”
Toddla T (2013)
“Big big shout out to @RecEngineer”
CousCous - album Paper Tiger (2013)
“Working with Peter was great. We never thought we were able to make such a fantastic album but he got the best out of us and helped us on so many levels. Not only did he take care of all the things around the recordings and organised the different studios we needed, he also organised top session musicians for the rhythm group & strings and helped us on production with the songs as well. A great experience, even better than we hoped for and we can’t wait to record our next album with him.”
Peter Larsen, Producer Gingko Music Project: Ecuador (2009)
“Love it. Perfect. Great work.”
Yvonne McDonnell (2014)
“Pete exceeded all my expectations when it came to recording my EP. The final result was better than anything I ever imagined I could achieve without a management team or record label behind me. He puts the needs of the customers first, but his own ideas and creativity does nothing but adds to the final product.”
Nina Gardner (2009)
“Absolutely flawless and very professional.”
Tobi, Tollhaus band (2014)
“Wow, I’m speechless and actually close to tears – the album sounds that good. Your mixes really captured our live-performance. Awesome!”
Kayosoul (Best of BBC Newcomers 2012)
“I absolutely love our ‘final version’ mix of Fly With Me. I’ve listened about 5 times on the train this morning and its passed the morning train test with flying colours! Great job my man!”
Parris Wright (2011)
“Just left studio…big shout to Peter, the best engineer I know. You are a life saver.”
Simon, The Monolith (2015)
“He produces probably the highest quality live performance videos I think I’ve ever seen…”
Liam, Vici band (2014)
“Wanted just to drop you a quick note once again to say thank you for this weekend. You put us all at ease and made recording a really fun experience. Everyone was really impressed with you…”
Michael, Vici band (2014)
“I’ve been listening to the tracks loads since we got them and through various speakers, headphones etc and they sound fantastic, really pleased with them. I just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work, we all really enjoyed recording with you. We appreciated the friendly, laid back approach but also that you installed a level confidence that made us feel like you understood where we were coming from with the sound and trust your ideas and suggestions. Looking forward to getting some more music laid down.”