Vici are an indie rock band based in London, UK. Born of the streets of Leicester and sun-scorched coastline of San Diego, they comprise Mike Henderson on vocals and guitar, Liam Connolly on guitar and vocals, Stephanie Ostrich on bass and David Myers on drums. They released their debut EP ‘Apathetic Generation’ in 2012 and have been relentlessly playing venues throughout London and further afield. Their forthcoming full length album will be completed in 2013.

Forged as the lights went out on the last century, the band name was taken from Leicester’s Victoria Park, a refuge from the claustrophobia and noise of the city. Songs were written and shows were played, but this being real life, they were soon cast out into the work houses of the world in order to earn their keep.

Sometime later, paths crossed once again, this time on the crowded streets of London. A chance meeting with an American dame in a shadowy drinking establishment of the capital’s backstreets presented a final piece to the puzzle.

A little wiser, world weary and with one last shot at redemption the four set off to record and play music. A dynamic sound of delicate, hazy softs and powerful, driven louds set against fatalistic lyrics about harsh realities, failed dreams and a flawed world. The genre is noir, but when the sun shines through, and it does sometimes, things aren’t always so desperate, are they?

They would be honoured if you would listen, love it if you like what you hear and look forward to seeing you soon.