Link Up TV

Link Up TV

With its humble beginnings as a YouTube channel, LinkUpTV has evolved with the UK scene. Establishing itself as a leading broadcaster of music and entertainment, the team of videographers, editors and writers have created and developed a brand; a brand which is now recognised as one of the best platforms for rising talent to develop. With a host of artists to have featured on the various facets of LinkUpTV, such as our hit freestyle series, “Behind Barz” or our “Live Sessions” , our collective efforts have helped shine a light on prospective youngsters across the country.

We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in youth culture; that is: talent & entertainment, music, live performances and behind the scenes access. As such, LinkUpTV, by definition, is an online media channel. However, we aim to set the benchmark for quality productions.

Indeed, our policy of “Quality Control” ensures that we circulate only the very best for YOU, our viewers! This means less filtering through excessive media which you are sometimes bombarded with on the net, as we continue to identify media which you are sure to enjoy and appreciate via our “Video Vaults” page.

Furthermore, our focus on quality means that we can easily dismiss labelling or categorisation; instead we prefer to pick the very best across genres, acknowledging substance and good music regardless of its origin and/or background. From rappers to vocalists; we endorse both up and coming, as well as breakthrough artists from every corner of the music business.

It is important then, to stress our commitment to nurturing all forms of talent. With this in mind, we hold a firm belief in the ability of homegrown acts and their potential to succeed. Therefore, we are eager to assist prospects from quite literally, the street, to the dizzying heights of the industry. At the same time, we promote already established acts, wishing them further success.

Not only this, we recognise the importance of sharing our knowledge and expertise; i.e, knowledge of the music industry as a whole. Therefore, we have developed a “My Industry” segment which interviews key players in the game – from Music Executives and AR Representatives to Presenters and DJs – we hope to give further insight and guidance to anybody aspiring to get involved in music.

Consequently, a combination of our high work rate/good work ethic, efficiency and high level production, has culminated in the entertainment industry giving us recognition: both our music videos and “behind-the-scenes” footage have featured on websites such as WorldStarHipHop, meanwhile some have made it onto television channels such as: MTV Base, Channel 4, Channel AKA, The Box, Kiss and Clubland to name a few.

This has led to our work being well received by a broad, worldwide audience; demonstrated by our average of 900,000+ monthly YouTube views.

In closing, whilst we are still a growing organisation, we would like to be acknowledged as ambassadors of quality, talent and positivity. LinkUpTV promises to continue striving for success; accepting no limitations and breaking down barriers through hard work and dedication, until ultimately, we are well and truly “number one, for talent and entertainment”.