Kayosoul is an exciting new name in UK soul and R&B.

The singer-songwriter, born and raised in the UK is based in London, where he has been creating his own soul music feast. His insatiable love of music first showed itself in early childhood when he first heard Michael Jackson and The Beatles. As a keen keyboard player, Kayosoul started creating his own music. Inspired by the likes of Omar, Jamiroquai and Boyz II Men. He then started out singing as a backing vocalist for his friend’s funk/soul band Nexus before pursuing his career as a self-produced solo artist.

​5 Kayosoul Facts:

1. Digitally released his well-received debut 6-track EP “My Name Is Kayosoul”, on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon in Mach 2012.

2.Lead singles from the EP, “Everybody Wants Somebody” and “Dancing In The Rain” received regional and national UK radio airplay on stations including BBC Sussex/Solent/Berkshire, Bang 103.6FM, Solar Radio, Radio Cardiff, Radio Newcastle, and Stomp Radio.

3. “Everybody Wants Somebody” reached the Number 2 spot on Bang 103.6FM’s Top 20 singles chart, resulting in Bang’s DJ Sly inviting Kayosoul for an hour-long live radio interview.

4.His first music video for his hit summer song “Everybody Wants Somebody” received over 1000 YouTube hits within its first 24hrs online with no PR campaign behind it..

5, He has performed several popular acoustic-acapella gigs, taking to the stage with only his much-loved loop pedal and a microphone, beat-boxing drums and layering the backing vocals before then singing the lead. He is now assembling a band to perform live gigs later on in 2012.