James Broughton

James Broughton

James Broughton is one of the hardest working well deserving unsung Singer songwriters of a generation, has sang on tour and at festivals to thousands of people across the E.U supporting and performing with the likes of Babyshambles, Gilles Petterson and The Egg.

James Broughton is working on his debut album “Love Riot” recording at Chapel studios to be completed early 2015.

Most would agree finding a singer songwriter like James Broughton these days with distinct melodies as well as sincere, honest lyrics, is pretty challenging.

James Broughton shines through all competition with his naked, fresh and original approach to song writing.

“Energised into a fresh sound for today James Broughton successfully captures the very heart and essence of great music from the 60s and 70s, a listening experience few other artist can offer quite as gracefully.”

James stays true to his musical foundation and never fails to speak his mind through good song writing, captivating lyrics, beautiful melodies and whilst crossing over a variety of genres maintains a firm identity and unique mystique.