I am Harlequin

I am Harlequin

Since 2011/12 I’ve recorded and mixed several tracks for I am Harlequin. IAH is the creative child of Anne Freier, singer, composer, producer and musical workaholic. She’s always trying to change things around and come up with new ideas of how to approach her music. Very inspiring and I can only recommend you check her out.

“She’s the beautifully cool pop star we’ve been waiting for” The Independent (Ones To Watch)

“I Am Harlequin is an unusual and emotionally stirring hybrid of a kind of classical, choral electronic indie. A sound that isn’t straining to be different or ethereal but ends up being exactly that due to the simple fact that it is, in point of fact, rather bloody good.” Andy Von Pip, The VPME

“2012’s electropop princess!” Fred Hystere

“Perhaps most impressive of all is Freier’s management of every aspect of I Am Harlequin, from the songwriting and production to recording and even the cover art on her debut A-side.” CMJ

“I Am Harlequin’s music is hard to classify in a genre, there are elements of classical, electronica and more than enough pop hooks to be played on prime time radio, I Am Harlequin is certainly eclectic but through numerous tempo changes lies this beautifully produced, spellbinding pop track.” Just Music That I Like

“…ethereal and complex German artist, I Am Harlequin. For someone who’s only been performing in public since February, she really owned the stage and gave a fantastic, prepossessed performance…If ever there was someone who knows exactly what she wants and how to make it happen, it’s I Am Harlequin.” Don’t Panic

“Now, here comes I am Harlequin’s, Anne Freier, whose voice just takes my breath away. She is the ultimate, real-life princess that reminds us how music really touches all our senses that goes back to basics. This band will cast their spell on your curious mind and enchant your ears for a lifetime.” MF Magazine

“I am Harlequin is the recording moniker of a German woman named Anne Freier and, if she doesn’t get picked up by a record label sometime soon, I’m going to take off my pants and chain myself to the entrance of Island Def Jam’s New York office with a copy of her album until somebody listens to it.[…] Every one of her tracks that I’ve heard thus far is filled with ideas and loaded with different soundscapes but, remarkably, it never ever feels as if she’s over-indulging her creativity. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every song of hers and will continue to do my part to get the world to know about I am Harlequin.” Fred Hystere

“I Am Harlequin is very talented London-based do-it-all artist, Anne Freier.” When You Motor Away

“Today I am going to give you an order. Take it as a friendly advice or as a mail of a major importance. Listen to minutely every song of I am Harlequin as if it was a question of life or death. […] I am Harlequin is liberty.” Discoverialist

“I am Harlequin’s […] got one of those sultry, belt-it-out voices that doesn’t quit.” Sentimentalist



I Am Harlequin is the alter ego of German-born, London-based producer/songwriter Anne Freier, founded in 2011.

I Am Harlequin has been making huge waves since her launch, winning support from BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, Q Radio and NME Radio, amongst many others including BBC Regional Shows. She appeared live on Radio 4’s acclaimed Loose Ends in a session alongside Civil Wars and was named number 17 in the 2011 Last.Fm New Discovery charts.
Her EP track ‘Wild One’ created a lot of hype when it featured on the BAFTA award winning E4 series ‘Skins’ last year. Her first EP, released at the end of summer last year, garnered over 100 positive reviews.

The music is defined by progressive structures, quirky lyrics and innovative arrangements. I am Harlequin music is indie pop with an electronic twist and a strong DIY mentality.

Anne is influenced by classical music and is particularly fond of interesting choir arrangements. Amongst her favourite composers are the Russians of the 20th century (Prokofiev, Rimski-Korsakow, Rachmaninoff), as well as Stephen Sondheim. Her biggest pop inspirations are Kate Bush, Rickie Lee Jones, Grace Slick, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, whom she listened to from an early age.

Anne was born in East Germany at the end of the GDR regime. As a child her parents took her to see the opera and ballet to which she took an instant liking. It was only after the wall fell, besides some illegal magnetic tape recordings her father had made, that she got to enjoy international pop and rock freely.

She wrote her first English song when she was seven years old with the help of a bear-inspired English book for children, and her younger sister, who provided the backing vocals. The creative pair then regularly performed – using the sofa as their stage – rather uncoordinated dances, original and cover songs in front of an audience of family and friends.
Anne says that, although certain recordings of these performances exist on video, she has no plans to release them anytime in the future.

She moved to London whilst still in school and continued her public performances in the city. Anne studied music and besides IAH continues to write music for film and theatre.

When Anne is not at work on I am Harlequin, she can be found remixing and creating her first line of unique clothing, part of an effort to compensate a slightly hyper mentality as well as her preference for DIYing it.

Interested to know more? Here’s a great interview with Anne and the VPME.