Chaos Theory Music

Chaos Theory Music

Since 2013/2014 I’ve been recording and filming every single Chaos Theory concert. The music is always different to what you normally hear on radio and is a variety of things from acoustic folk to the heaviest metal, from electronic music to funky jazz. Of course, always depending on the different nights. I’m proud to have become a part of this constantly growing underground music promotion and can only recommend to come to one of the gigs and experience the great energy for yourself.

Chaos Theory works hard to bring you the best new musicians offering innovative new sounds at a variety of concerts and events. We focus on all sounds that we feel could be influential one day, so no genre is untouched!

We want to help new artists showcase their music to appreciative crowds, whilst promising London’s music lovers that you will be watching fantastic new bands and performers of a very high quality.

The Facemelter

The Facemelter takes place on the first Friday of every month and features prog, metal, post rock and alternative bands.

The Jazz Market

Forget everything you think you know about jazz. This night celebrates the influence of jazz over funk, rock, hip hop and electronica and features a huge range of forward-thinking jazz fusion bands.

Whispers and Hurricanes

Whispers and Hurricanes is our night of down-tempo bands and modern-day twists on original folk, world music, contemporary classical and acoustic artists.

Special Events

If an artist (or label)’s music or vision doesn’t fit into one of our regular nights, we’ll create a bespoke evening for them. Whether it’s an album launch, collaboration or just a one-off gig, we love it all and will support special artists in any way we can.